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Nigerian Youths Ready For Marriage Or Carried Away With The Glam That Comes With It?

Nigerian Youths Ready For Marriage Or Carried Away With The Glam That Comes With It?

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time…

But then the irony of unhappy marriages these days, especially among young couples, is that they get tired of being with the people they have always loved to be with.

Why do people meet each other, become good friends, fall in love, almost getting obsessed, promise each other heaven, earth and beyond, plan a remarkable future and feel like whoop, let’s get married and build this gargantuan dream and then they do and few years later- these days we have more of months!- they go Roxette on each other; whatever love that must have been gets over with.

In the Nigerian society, weddings are the biggest events that bring people together, and right from time ages, it is always accompanied with glamour, poise and then the almighty cultural glorification. One of the ways we represent our beautiful and eclectic cultures in Nigeria is our traditional weddings.

These days, with the advent and trend of professional make up artistes, stylists and superfluous designers, the celebration of love on mostly weekends gives us more than goose bumps, and trust me, as a young person who believe in love, when you see this glamour, you just want to start planning yours right away.

Consequently, it brings the question of whether young people are getting carried away with the glam attached with the weddings and do not out-rightly access their readiness for marriage- “My friends are getting married, I can’t be the last to do mine”, “Oh my, weddings are beautiful, I can’t just a wait a minute more” and more of the fantasies that spurt from young folks. In addition to that, the parental cum societal pressure are getting more choking.

This brings the question of whether or not marriage is overrated.

Yes, some people have blissful, wonderful marriages, but then would everyone?

Couldn’t some people just fall in love and have their fantasies without having to be burdened with the marital duties and expectations?

Could a man or woman just want to have a baby or more with a partner without having to be laden with marriage palava?

If a young folk says this in the Nigerian setting, especially to parents, you will hear stuff like “You want my enemies to mock me?”, “The devil is a liar”, and all sorts of remarks that boils down to spirituality and class competition.

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